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The difference between Hermes Kelly and Birkin

Hermes is a world famous luxury brand. Their bags, jewelry, watches and other products are well received by people all over the world. At the same time, the halo effect of some celebrities purchases, such as Birkin bags and Kelly bags, are out of stock all year round. Kelly and Birkin are so popular, many people can only seek fake Hermes Kelly bag or fake Hermes Birkin bag because they lack enough money and can’t wait for the goods.
Hermes launched the Sacà Dépêches bag in 1935. Later in 1977, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco used this bag to conceal her pregnant belly. This bag has since become famous. And then renamed the bag to Kelly bag.
In 1981, British-born, Paris-based actress Jane Birkin was sitting next door to Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of Hermes, in the first class of the plane. And Jane Birkin’s things were scattered all over the place. So, she complained to Jean-Louis Duma. There is no bag suitable to carry all of a woman’s belongings. The Jean-Louis Dumas used this as an inspiration to design the Birkin bag.
Kelly bag
The outline of the Kelly bag is a bit trapezoidal, showing a box shape. The top of the bag is a single handle. The two handles of Birkin are set on the front and back of the bag, while Kelly’s single handle is on the top of the bag. Therefore, Kelly could not “fold the eaves of the bag into the bag and carry it completely open” like Birkin.
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Fake Hermes Birkin bag 1
Inside the Kelly bag, there are 2 open pockets on the front and a zipper pocket on the back. Kelly is generally more feminine and more formal than Birkin. Kelly bags have 2 different sewing methods: Kelly Retourne, Kelly Sellier.
Kelly Retourne: When the leather is spliced, the thread is sewn on the outside of the bag, so the thread can be clearly seen.
Kelly Sellier: When the leather is spliced, the thread is sewn on the inside of the bag, and the thread is turned to the inside of the bag.
The Kelly bag has a detachable shoulder strap. Put on the shoulder strap and Kelly transforms into a crossbody bag, freeing your hands. Remove the shoulder straps, Kelly is a dignified and elegant lady.
Birkin bag
The outline of the Birkin bag is relatively square. There are 2 handles on the top of the bag. Since it was originally designed for travel, it is equipped with a lock and a key.
When you cover the eaves of the bag, buckle the front horizontal strap, and then lock it. Can completely guarantee the safety of the contents in the bag. The overall shape and details are both simple and classic, more sporty than Kelly.
The eaves of this bag are designed into a three-petal shape to make room for the handle in the middle, so that you won’t block the handle when you fold the eaves. Usually for easy access, the eaves of the bag are folded into the bag when carrying the Birkin.
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Fake Hermes Kelly bag 2
Inside the bag, there are an open pocket and a zipper pocket on the front and back sides. Horizontal strap: The strap is from the back of the bag, passes through the three pleats on both sides of the bag, and reaches the front of the bag. This design makes the side of the bag “flexible and stretchable” like an organ. So you can control the amount of space in the package as needed. 4 base nails: These 4 feet can support the bag steadily, and at the same time can avoid the friction damage of the bottom leather.
to sum up
Birkin and Kelly are very elegant bags of Hermes, and they also have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Birkin bag
For Birkin bags, you can fold the eaves into the bag and leave it completely open. It will be very convenient for you to take things out of the bag. Practical and comfortable, it is very suitable for daily use. large capacity. Because the side width of Birkin is wider than Kelly, the contour design is more square than Kelly. Therefore, compared to the similar size of Birkin and Kelly, the capacity of Birkin is larger.
Disadvantages of Birkin
You can’t lean across your back like Kelly, but you can only carry it with your hands or hang it on your wrist. Big size Birkin will be heavier in net weight.
The advantages of Kelly
Comes with a detachable shoulder strap. You can remove the shoulder strap and hold the handle directly. You can also put on a shoulder strap and cross your back diagonally to free your hands. Very suitable for more formal occasions, very suitable for matching high-end clothes. At the same time, it is competent for daily wear. Because the side width is narrower than Birkin, plus 1 handle less than Birkin (the weight of the handle is really not light). The net weight of Kelly is lighter than a Birkin of similar size.
Disadvantages of Kelly
You must open the bag every time you pick and place items. Unlike Birkin, it can be opened all the time, just take it and release it.
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